Things are Not What They Seem


Things are Not What They Seem

House of Phoenix Chronicles Volume IV

Kurt W. Oster

Shifting, altering, and replaying over and over, one timeline after another is acting up. When fifteen timelines act up all at once, a new, rebellious Noble Elder must calm the chaos and re-establish the balance of time, magic, and everyday life. Noble Elder grows into their new role despite moments of wanting to throw up their hands and walk away. Traveling through time and meeting hiccup after hiccup along the way, Noble Elder collaborates with six, headstrong Ignatius siblings, learning to navigate complex and, at times, downright awkward relationships with them.

 Working together and, sometimes, against each other, the Ignatius 7 quickly learn that things are not what they seem when they discover a truth that rocks the very core of what they know about magic.  Noble Elder, tired of the growing attacks of darkness, seeks the help of Arcane and Mundane alike in a battle between light and dark.

          When magic stops working because of time disruptions, RJ, Amelia, Minnie, and Dalton return to help and must learn to navigate complex friendship with the Ignatius 7. Will their epic journey to find the Curpendulums, restore time, and bring normalcy to the earth succeed? Will time break the spirit of Noble Elder, and stop time altogether? Or will Noble Elder discover new ways to handle the challenges of life, magic, and darkness?