The Right Time The Right Place


The Right Time The Right Place: New York Diaries

Ronald Heydon

Suddenly it hits me. I return to my “previous life” and everything is fine. Then, I go back to my “current life” in the metropolis—and it’s all struggle and trauma. I still have few friends, very few people to talk to. I spent my time reading—and making comments in my journal on what I am reading. It was through these comments that I finally understood.

I am living in NYC. I have not just to accept this, but I have to explore it. It’s one thing to adapt to a new job, a new world of high-tech design, etc. But I also have to adapt to a private life in NYC. In fact I am—I don’t want to say “creating” but rather “inventing”—a new persona, a new identity. And this is the real struggle I am going through.

I’d been doing this very thing for months in fact.  I only “realize” it, though, each time I get on a plane in Montreal and fly back to NYC. “Ok,” I say to myself, “time to put on the NYC persona.”

Everything becomes more clear all of a sudden. Sure, the “old life” looks more inviting. But I am living a new life in NYC!!! And I have to accept this. So, I struggle to adapt to the new job, and, now, I must adapt to New York City itself.