Pre-Order Transformative Expression in Play Therapy

Coming June 2025! This exciting text has some amazing contributors joining Dr. Margot Wilson and I on this incredible journey.

Transformative Expressions in Play Therapy: Working with LGBTQ+ Clients is a pivotal contribution to play therapy. In an era marked by sustained emphases on cultural diversity and multicultural competency, the imperative to engage effectively with diverse clients takes center stage and underscores the pressing need for competent and affirming providers.

A comprehensive resource, Transformative Expressions delves into the intricacies of working with LGBTQ youth through the therapeutic modalities of play therapy, sand-tray therapy, and expressive art therapy. It focuses on exploring terminology, theory, ethics, cultural practices, skills, and methods, offering practitioners valuable insights and tools for navigating the complexities of this specialized field. Readers explore critical theories that provide the groundwork for a profound understanding of the subject. Adopting culturally competent and affirming practices is underscored by an emphasis on marginalized and under-representative groups, providing practitioners with a solid theoretical foundation for practice.

Transformative Expressions reaches beyond applications in clinical practice to encompass macro perspectives on policy, ethics, community, and child welfare. Thus, it equips practitioners with the tools for successful individual client interactions as well as a broader understanding of the societal and ethical influences that shape the landscape of LGBTQ+ mental health and play therapy.

This versatile resource addresses the multifaceted aspects of working with LGBTQ+ clients, balancing clinical application with a thoughtful exploration of the broader context in which therapy happens. As the field of mental health and play therapy continues to evolve toward greater inclusivity and awareness, Transformative Expressions emerges as an indispensable guide for both novice and seasoned practitioners.