Holidays at the Mystical Way

Holidays at the Mystical Way of Time

Kurt W. Oster, LCSW, RPTTM

(A children’s book)

Following his moment of boredom when he created a beautiful, magical village (see Mystical Way of Time), Lord Time and his sister, Citrine, continue to welcome villagers from diverse places to the Mystical Way. As a result, the village is bustling and ever-changing. But one shop remains empty. Suddenly, a unique-looking tree appears, and, like magic, snow begins to fall. Curious villagers turn to Lord Time and Citrine to sort out what is happening.

While exploring the situation, Lord Time and Citrine meet a new neighbor who has just moved to the Mystical Way. The villagers soon discover that their new neighbor is rather “odd,” leading some of them to become concerned.

Lord Time, with the help of Citrine and Biblia, the librarian, find creative ways to promote acceptance and welcome their new neighbor while, at the same time, dealing with the ever-changing nature of time in the village.