Rise of the Magical Three

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2021, revised 2023

Rise of the Magical Three

House of Phoenix Chronicles Volume I

Kurt W. Oster (a.k.a. Wilhelm P. Ostir)

Raised by a mysterious grandmother and believing their parents to be dead, Roslynn and her older identical twin brothers, Oliver and Ethan, had only read of magical beings and creatures. But, transitioning into young adulthood, the three embark on an incredible journey as they are introduced to the riddles of their family’s past that will forever change who they are and are yet to become.

As the three siblings discover the ways of the magical arts, they quickly learn that they are not alone in their quest. Finding help when and where they least expect, the three develop friendships, confront the darkness, work together to save their family from an ancient curse, and learn of a mysterious and ancient bloodline that will forever shape the fabric of time and love.

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