About Us

About Us

Owner and Editor

Margot Wilson PhD

Margot discusses anthropological methods (with Janet Salmons, Methods Guru at SAGE MethodSpace in 2020) and how she applied them to writing trans life histories and opening TransGender Publishing. TO LISTEN CLICK HERE

Hear Margot discuss the origins of TransGender Publishing and the publication of Glimmerings and other trans life stories (with Corey Keith of Sprectra Services in 2019) TO LISTEN CLICK HERE

Editorial Advisory Group

Aaron Devor
Corey Keith
Fran Cudlipp
Gayle Roberts
Jude Patton
Paul Garner
Peter Jennings
Kamran Bashir
Bodhi and Carol Thompson Gardner
Charley Burton

Editorial Team

Candace Moore
Aurelia MacInnis
Anjoli Asienbrey

Social Media and Marketing

James Jensen-Grace
Michael Edgerly
Julia Jackson